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When I went to medical school I had the dream of becoming a surgeon. Little did I know where my journey would lead me. During my fourth year of medical school I went through a transformative process where I grew tremendously emotionally, spiritually and relationally. As a result I found a peace and joy I had never had before. One beautiful Saturday morning as I hiked up a Southern California mountainside it hit me.


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25 Sep


The Relevance of Hydrotherapy in the 21st Century Introduction The practice of hydrotherapy is often clouded in mystery and apprehension. When we hear stories of 17th-century practitioners using hydrotherapy to inhumanely “cure” madness, we question the moral ethics behind this treatment modality. What is the truth about hydrotherapy? What was its original design? And does […]

16 Feb

Massage: Luxury or Necessity?

Growing up, I viewed massage therapy as a luxury. It was something well-to-do people did, people who could afford to dish out $100 plus twice a month and still have enough money to care for their basic needs. Coming from a family of seven, that wasn’t an option for us. My siblings and I were […]

02 Mar

Overcoming Holiday Stress

Holiday shopping, family gatherings, meal preparations, financial limitations, diet maintenance, schedule interruptions, loneliness, loss, grief… Holiday stress. It’s a familiar feeling for many. According to a poll done by Very Well Mind, a mental health website, about eighty percent of the poll-takers resonated with the idea that the holidays were ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ stressful. With […]

05 Feb

Pandemic Priority – Unwrapping the Gift

During this time of pandemic fear, people are reprioritizing, they are turning not to politicians, pundits or even physicians, helpful as these groups may be. They are turning to God’s Word – and the results are intriguing.

19 Feb

Depression and the Brodmann Brain Areas

There is so much to learn about the brain. Let’s take a look at how Brodmann’s Brain mapping helps us understand depression and has influenced new treatments.

12 Jan

Seven-Step Mental Detox

With the age of technology and on-the-go mindsets, finding true peace-of-mind can feel very difficult at times. A Mental Detox can help you reset and find peace.

01 Oct

Hurt Feelings; You Have a Choice

We have all had our feelings hurt, but some of us experience this more than others. What we say to ourselves in these situations can determine our response.

14 Sep

The Imperfect Side of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is often seen as a positive trait that increases your chances of success, but it can lead to self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that do harm.

30 Jul

Grieving Well Includes Grief Work

Grief work can open the way to hope and understanding. Considering the alternative of feeling trapped in your suffering; grief work is such a better choice.

28 Jun

Good Food = Good Mood: The Connection Between Mental Health and Nutrition

Food choices not only impact your physical health, they affect your mental health as well. Your emotions, mental clarity and overall response to life are shaped by the food you eat.

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