A Video Journey Through the Wellness Principles of CHOOSE LIFE©

By Michelle Fiess-
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A Video Journey Through the Wellness Principles of CHOOSE LIFE©

Making healthy lifestyle choices is important for our overall health and wellbeing. Beautiful Minds encourages the CHOOSE LIFE© principles which improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Ideally, these principles will be formed into new “habits” and become a regular part of our daily wellness plan. However, in times of sickness and stress it’s even more important that we diligently apply these principles.

The Beautiful Minds Medical Team has put together a short video journey taking you through the CHOOSE LIFE© principles during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Health Coach, Maria, shares how to stay connected during covid-19 and why it’s so important for our health and mental well-being.


Nurse and health educator, Charinette,  shares what’s so important about water during covid-19 and anytime.


Therapist, Amanda Anguish, shares a song on optimism. Keeping your spirits up during covid-19 – and any difficult time – is so important for our health and mental well-being.


Rachel from Beautiful Minds Medical shares the importance of breathing for our health and mental well-being.


Dr. Daniel Binus shares why self-control is essential for optimal mental health.


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Melissa Frost, shares why exercise is vital for mental and physical wellbeing, immunity and energy.


Psychologist, Joelle Kobliska, shares how light, specifically sunlight, helps regulate mood and sleep cycles. Combat depression with regular sunlight and boost your vitamin D as well.

Internal Clock

Jonathan, Psychiatric Physician Assistant, shares three practical tips to help you optimize your sleep and manage your circadian rhythm.


Robert Nordman, Physician Assistant,  shares how to strengthen immunity with timely nutrition and food recommendations.


Don Mackintosh, Spiritual Educator for Beautiful Minds Intensive Outpatient Program, shares how we can learn to manage our emotions of fear and anxiety in times of stress and worry.